COMPONENT SYSTEMS EXHIBITION, Hartell Gallery, Sibley Hall: CORNELL University, (September 7-12, 2009) 

IMG_9780     IMG_9807     IMG_9835b

EXHIBITION STATEMENTThe exhibited projects were produced during the Adaptive Component Systems seminar in the spring semester of 2009. These proposals are based on our desire and ability to embed the technological processes of building systems into formal characteristics and architectural expression through computationally controlled geometry. The underlying belief is that an understanding of digitally-driven adaptive topology, linked to component and climate-specific performative metrics, is critical in resolving contemporary conflicts between architecture and energy usage, and results not only in greater energetic efficiency and improved overall building performance, but is systemically linked to architecture’s ability to operatively affect a cultural and socio-political infrastructure. These designs use digital tools and simulated analysis to predict behavior of the particular part and its overall aggregated capacity. Each unit of the system is typically unique, although self similar, and contributes specific fraction to the overall system’s performance. Such particular design technique comes from the belief that it is possible to merge aesthetic and design constraints by finding multiple performative solutions to specific architectural, societal and climactic problems through parametric control and by injecting contemporary industrial processes directly into design methodology. We hope that this (still) naïve beginning can lead to wider understanding of how architecture could take advantage of its systemic connectivity to the world at large and communicate in a more inclusive, cross-disciplinary language. You can find more details about the exhibited projects here: EatMe Wall, Solar Scoop and Blow Wall. (Photos by: Andrew Heumann and Bill Staffeld)

IMG_9793     2009_065_arc_009     IMG_9859

IMG_9851_resized     IMG_2231     IMG_9778  

ComponentSystems_poster_sm 2     ComponentSystems_poster-invertA     ComponentSystems_poster-invertC

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