eatme_wall-111_200dpi    eatme_wall-4_200dpi    eat-mewall_7_200dpi

EatMe Wall is a panelized facade system which serves as a graywater filtration medium. This product is designed as both a retrofit system for existing glass curtain wall facade construction as well as a product for use in newly constructed buildings. Our design focuses on the construction of a secondary facade system that creates usable exterior spaces along the vertical surfaces. Exterior spaces will function as a distributed network of controlled microclimatic pockets for the purposes of climate control, plant growth, leisure use and maintenance of the overall system. This design also creates benefits for interior spaces, such as better control of direct gains and sol-air temperatures throughout the year. The water  filtration logic of the EatMe Wall is based on Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) for hydroponic plant growth and is calculated based on William Jewell’s method for water purification (*Jewell 1992). We have developed a proposal for a two stage gravity based system: 1) Pretreatment roof area (capacity: 0.076 m2/person) 2) Grey-water facade filtration system (capacity increases over time with per plant bed surface area growth). This system is based on the fact that wastewater carries nutrients necessary for plant growth, such as nitrogen and phosphorus. By looping grey water through the facade panels and their embedded plant beds the grey water will be cleaned enough to be either dispersed directly into the environment, or used for toilet flushing and local irrigation. The roof pretreatment area pre-cleans the black water into grey water to the extent that it poses no health hazards when distributed into the facade panels. The positive by-products and benefits of the primarily filtration system of the EatMe Wall are as follows: 1) Variable plant growth: species distributed depending on the climate 2) Solar shading / control of heating and cooling loads 3) Air purification 4) Growth of plants with secondary economic value, either as food or pharmaceuticals (medical plants) 5) Spatial effect of the customizable architectural form. Each panel of this system is unique and can be tuned to focus more distinctly on the particular performance, individual and/or collective for large facade systems.

*Jewell, W.J. (1992) “Methanotropic Bacteria for Nutrient Removal from Wastewater: Attached Film System”. Water Environment Research vol. 64 No. 6

Project Contributors (alphabetically): Dana Cupkova, Monica Alexandra Freundt, Andrew Heumann, William Jewell, Daniel Quesada Lombo, Damon Wake

EATME_WALL-1    EATME_WALL-2_200dpi     EATME_potablewater_200dpi

EATME_WALL-6_200dpi     EATME_WALL-12_200dpi     EATME_WALL-21_200dpiEATME_prototypetile     EATME_WALL-32_sized_nocolorfix     eatme_wall-19_200dpi

EATME-33_cropped_betterquality     EATME_WALL-23     EATME_WALL-22

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