PROJECT_Solar Scoop



Designed based on louver system logic the Solar Scoop is a panelized façade system which performs as an indirect lighting filtration device. This system strives to create a more even and deeper distribution of the lighting into interior spaces. It calibrates the façade surface, modulates the light and thus enables qualitative spatial effects for occupiable environments, while having ability to control heating loads. This product would be designed as both a retrofit system for existing glass curtain wall façade construction as well as a product for use in newly constructed buildings.  Our design focuses on the relationship between lighting levels and programmatic usage, thus creating a building skin that could directly respond to the specific illumination requirements of different programs, especially programs with necessity for indirect lighting (such as offices, exhibition spaces, etc.). The lighting effects are controlled by two scales of adaptation: 1) Opening aperture, depth and direction of the individual components with adaptability to fractional performative requirement of the aggregate; 2) Window opening formed by the combinational logic of 4 quarter subpanels into the floor to floor panel to provide views and natural ventilation. Parametric digital tools and digitally simulated analysis are used in desire to predict the behavior of the aggregated system in different climactic scenarios and thus offer feasible solutions to specific programmatic and aesthetic investigations. The design trend is constantly supplemented with the feedback of data obtained from the lighting analysis and thus provides more specific parameters for the computationally controlled adaptation process. As much as the actual performance the formal characteristics can be varied by adapting the primitive unit of the overall system.

Project Contributors (alphabetically): Haley Cohen, Dana Cupkova, Savina Kalkandjieva, Joshua Nason, Kevin Pratt, Koren Sin

SOLARSCOOP_FACADE-_new_200dpi_justyellow     SOLARSCOOP_FACADE-10_fixed_200dpi     SOLARSCOOP_FACADE-3_450dpi

SOLARSCOOP_FACADE-13b_10x7     SOLARSCOOP_FACADE-9_200dpi_10x7     SOLARSCOOP_FACADE-21_200dpi_10X7

DSC00096_10x6.5_200dpi     DSC00146double_10x6_8_200dpi     SOLARSCOOP_FACADE-22_10x6_8_200dpi

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